BCLAS Symposium 2018
26-27 April 2018
“Culture of care in practice”
Abstracts and presentations (in attachment) are available depending on the authors permission.

26 April 2018: Workshops – parallel sessions

Workshop A: IVC Debris Sampling Device Testing
Ronald de Boer & Wieke de Bruin, QM Diagnostics

Workshop B: DVC TECHNOLOGY to support your research and facility management
Danny Hendrikx & Jan-Bas Prins, Tecnilab

Workshop C: Cost-Benefit Analysis during Project Evaluations

Workshop D: Developments in Techniques for Working with Lab Mice

Workshop E: Strategies to Minimize Genetic Drift and Maximize Experimental Reproducibility in Mouse Research
Dr Jean Cozzi, Charles River

27 April 2018: Symposium
Session 1 : Introduction to Culture of Care

1. Transition to animal free innovations and animal welfare: have the Dutch gone totally mad ?
Jan-Bas Prins, Leiden University Medical Center

2. Culture of Care initiatives: what can we learn from each other ?
Pascalle van Loo, Utrecht University

Session 2 : Culture of Care from Top to Down

3. Behavior, enrichment and transport, the breeder’s strenghts
Jean Habyarimana, Janvier Labs

4. The 3Rs and culture of care: some practical examples in preclinical regulatory evaluation
Jean-Paul Briffaux, Charles River Laboratories

Session 3 : Practical examples of culture of care

5. From lab to home, a second life for laboratory animals
Amélie Romain, Association GRAAL

6. The care of animals in a model of intensive care disease
Sarah Derde, KULeuven

7. Keep it nice in a house full of male mice
Ine Adriaensen, Janssen Research & Development

8. Culture of Care applied to experimentation on farm animals
Catherine Bette, Zoetis

9. Is caring of animals a sufficient answer to ethical questioning ?
Marc Vandenheede, University of Liège

Attachments workshops

symposium slides_WS18_01_abstract_Workshop A
symposium slides_WS18_01_abstract_Workshop B
symposium slides_WS18_01_abstract_Workshop C
symposium slides_WS18_01_Workshop C_presentation
symposium slides_WS18_01_abstract_Workshop D
symposium slides_WS18_01_Workshop D_presentation
symposium slides_WS18_01_abstract_Workshop E

Attachments presentations

symposium slides_18_01_Prins_abstract
symposium slides_18_01_Prins_presentation
symposium slides_18_02_van Loo_abstract
symposium slides_18_02_van Loo_presentation
symposium slides_18_03_Habyarimana_abstract
symposium slides_18_04_Briffaux_abstract
symposium slides_18_04_Briffaux_presentation
symposium slides_18_05_Romain_abstract
symposium slides_18_05_Romain_presentation
symposium slides_18_06_Derde_abstract
symposium slides_18_07_Adriaensen_abstract
symposium slides_18_07_Adriaensen_presentation
symposium slides_18_08_Bette_abstract
symposium slides_18_08_Bette_presentation
symposium slides_18_09_Vandenheede_abstract
symposium slides_18_09_Vandenheede_presentation