In honour of Jean René Maisin

By installing a BCLAS 3R’s Fund in honour of Jean René Maisin, BCLAS aims to offer funding for projects from Belgian institutes with an obvious link with the BCLAS mission that serves the purpose of stimulating and developing ethical and responsible care and use of laboratory animals.

For 2023, research projects in scope of the fund should show a contribution to the replacement and/or reduction of laboratory animal care and/or use.

For this purpose, BCLAS will make available an amount of 10,000 EUR.
This amount can either be awarded to one project or divided over several projects, meeting the scope and assessment criteria.

Applicants can apply for this funding by sending the completed Application Form via e-mail to admin@bclas.org by 15th of November 2023. By submitting project winning applicant(s) agree to present results during the next BCLAS Symposium.

All submitted applications will be reviewed by a commission (a panel composed of BCLAS members) using a set of predefined assessment criteria. If a commission member is involved in one of the submitted projects, this member will not take part in the selection procedure to avoid any conflict of interest.

The commission is to propose to the BCLAS board which project(s) should be selected. The Board will make the final decision by 15th of January 2024 in order to ensure the awarded funding can be made available by the end of February 2024 to the project winning applicant(s).

You can find the application form here.